A Few Tips On How To Choose The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A crooked nose can be a distracting feature in the overall look of your face. There is no denying that each person’s face and visage are different and not every nose will match with every face. In fact, it is the nose that must fit one’s face and persona. However, the decision to pursue rhinoplasty is a personal one.

Rhinoplasty is among the most complicated and challenging procedures in all of plastic surgery. Some people are living with a notion that rhinoplasty is a simple nose job, but actually, that is a myth. Since the nose is such a prominent part of the face, the task of matching it with the rest of the face in a harmonious way cannot be a simple thing to do. For instance, one may wish to get a bump removed without changing the tip of the nose, whereas another patient may want to modify the tip alone without addressing the bridge, and likewise.

rhinoplasty surgeryPoorly performed rhinoplasty can certainly make a patient look unnatural. Thus, it becomes vital to consult an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon before undergoing the procedure. Since rhinoplasty is an extremely demanding and complex operation, finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in your city can be hard. The surgeon should be an experienced plastic surgeon with specialization in rhinoplasty. Such a surgeon would not only understand the aesthetics of the nose and face but will also have a deeper understanding of the functional components of the nose. Below is a list of detailed tips that will help you in your rhinoplasty surgeon search.

While looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in your city, there are a few important aspects that need to be considered:

1. Educational Qualifications – The best surgeons have majored from the top medical schools in the country and should be a member of public international bodies of plastic surgeons with published papers to his/her name.

2. Board Certification – This is crucial and ensures that the surgeon has excellent and superior capabilities; only the best doctors are awarded by boards. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Board of Plastic Surgery lays down stringent benchmarks, and only surgeons who can meet them are certified.

3. Specialization – Ensure that the surgeon is a specialist in his field that is, he should be carrying out more Rhinoplasty in a year than any other surgery.

4. Artistic vision – The best Rhinoplasty surgeon will also have great artistic vision and a sense of aesthetic beauty. Only then can he mold the perfect nose that will enhance your appearance. During the initial consultations, ask for the before and after photographs of his previous patients. Post-surgery looks should differ a great deal from pre-surgery ones, yet have a natural appearance, one that does not seem that any procedure has been carried out.

5. Standard of the clinic – Look around when you go for preliminary consultations, and you will notice that renown surgeons will have state of the art equipment in his clinic. This will include the latest 3D simulators to demonstrate what your nose will look like post-surgery. This will allow you to see if your expectations will be fulfilled.

6. Checking the surgeon’s website can be helpful – If a prospective patient tends to have a comfortable and a positive feel about them, then he/she may go in for the initial consultation. However, if one doesn’t get a comfortable feel, then trying for other surgeons may be the right thing to do. One may also find recommendations from friends and family. Searching for an expert surgeon is a must so as to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and can share a good rapport with the doctor; also, the risk for any long-term complications are exceptionally rare in the hands of a specialized rhinoplasty surgeon.

Finally, do not look for discounts. The best surgeons will have above average professional fees so you should be prepared for it. Remember that your nose is the center of attraction of your face so special care should be taken to choose the surgeon for Rhinoplasty. It is not a tough task if you go about it systematically and with care. Start with research on the Internet and end with a detailed consultation with the surgeon before surgery.